The chromed Powerstack intake and K&N cone-type filter is one of the major mods that has to be done to a Saturn. It allows a greater volume of air to enter the throttle body which is a key in HP. You get a great look, quick accleration, a wicked growl, and you'll gain over 5 HP. For $150.00 you can't go wrong!

It's also available in a ceramic material that will resist heat from the engine compartment. This way the air stays cooler resulting in more power. For an extra $30 you'll get cooler air..wow!

When installing your intake you'll notice that it'll lay on your radiator hose, so that's why they came up with the mounting braket for $49 extra (If they knew we needed this..why didn't they include it?). Anyway I wasn't gonna pay the money for a piece of metal..so I went to a hardware store and picked up this bracket that held pipes and was coated with a rubber material. Well a cut here and there and one big bend and it looks close.....hey it was 50 cents too! (Stay away from Iceman)

K&N Crankcase Breather Filter

Cooler air is a key in HP as I said..so why would you dump hot crankcase gases back into your intake. So I had to pick up one of these.

Dynomax Turbo Muffler

I picked up the Dynomax from Summit Racing from like $35. They place them on big engines and they sound great. It's not like a straight pipe but less restricted. I threw a resonated tip from Pace Setter.

ACCEL 8.8mm 300+ Thundersport Race Wire

Provides over 300% more park energy than stock. These were $45 at SPS. For peak performance you can see and feel, insist on ACCEL 300plus ThunderSport Ferro-Spiral Ultra Performance spark plug wires. The 8mm double silicone wire is rated at over 550&Mac251; F and 60KV. With a resistance of only 150 Ohms/foot you’re guaranteed maximum voltage potential and amperage at the spark plug. Fully-reactive Ferro-Spiral core has unsurpassed EMI-RFI (radio noise) suppression, so it won’t affect any electronic equipment in your vehicle.

Beru Silverstone Spark Plugs

Had the Bosh platinum..but silver is a better conductor.


I use Mobil One Synthetic along with a Pure One or AC Delco gold oil filter. I'm also running Mobil One ATF in my manual transmission.


Eurolite Xeon Crystal Bulbs

These lights were at a nice price and they make driving a bit clear. No more yellowish light.




BF Goodrich
Advantage GTP195/60R15 (winter)
87T M+S Tread 380 Traction A Temperature B

Ya ya we all know the Firesuck thing...anyway I needed some new tires with a mix of performance plus the security of all season. So I picked these babies at Sam's club with a $20 rebate. I wanted to go a little wider with a lower profile for better traction. I like them a lot but I think they might wear out sooner than I think, they are soft.

BF Goodrich
Radial T/AP205/50R16 (summer)
86S M+S Tread 400 Traction A Temperature B

I was looking for a tire that was priced good, low profile, and that would wear good. So I picked these up for $90 a piece. They handle nice...not that stickey though. And hey everyone in the 70's had these so they are pretty good tires.

16" RT01

Developed with the true enthusiast in mind.The RT01 has actually been proven to produce better track times than most magnesium wheels.


Short Shifter

Custom made with a hacksaw..anout 3 inches off and a cheap chrome knob I paid $7 for.


Pioneer stereo with some goodies....

Hood bra

Window visors

Headlight covers

Gold pin stripes on the side along with the gold Saturn sticker on the bumper

"scR motorsports" Saturn Racing "R" vinyl decal

Black painted exhaust manifold along with a red dress up kit.